After brilliant studies at the University of Poitiers, France where he obtained a PhD in french language and comparative literature in 2016, Dr. Samuel Koffi returned to Ghana, his country of origin. He has also obtained a Master Degree in teaching french as a foreign language from the University of Clermont-Ferrand II, France in 2010. He has been lecturing french at the University of Ghana since 2007.
His training in France and tours in a few African francophone countries have endowed him with huge experience in multi-disciplinary french courses. His lectures include french and francophone literatures, oral communication and grammar, business french, french for journalism, formal and informal written expressions, text analysis, dissertation and translation. His research interests centre on how literary works contribute to unravel social disparities and seek to establish justice and equity in societies.
Dr. Samuel Koffi explores the French philosophical concepts and finds pleasure to reconcile them to African literature. The well-being of man, his existence and destiny as well as his behaviour inspire his publications. He is married to a loving wife and they have two children.