Not every material written in french is suitable for effective teaching. Effective teaching and learning of french requires techniques, experience and specific books. Getting the right books is often challenging and calls for an expert to help select a book that can meet the learning objectives and expectations. In view of these challenges KOFDOR provides the following:

  • Consultancy and guidance to primary and secondary schools offering french courses
  • Expertise in designing french syllabus for effective and efficient teaching/learning.
  • Training french teachers to use audio-visual materials for effective teaching.
  • Expertise in designing techniques and approaches for effective learning of french.
  • Expertise in teaching business french to bankers, managers, business men and women.
  • Teaching of french oral expression and phonetics for specific purposes: administrators, diplomats, lawyers, medical staffs, pharmacists or researchers.
  • KOFDOR designs programmes for Journalism Institutes offering introductory french.
KOFDOR translates a variety of documents from english into french and from french into english as listed below:

  • Business documents: marketing, banking, finance
  • Certificates: transcripts, Degrees, birth certificate, national identification card, passport, marriage certificate etc.
  • Official documents...
  • Church documents: Sunday school books, brochures, stickers
  • Flyers and posters
  • Drug notices
  • Advertising materials or documents
  • KOFDOR is experienced in translating Websites for individuals and Companies to enable them extend their services to both Anglophone and Francophone clients.
  • KOFDOR edits books intended for publication by individuals or by groups. It revises and edits these materials or books, access their suitability for the intended purposes before publication.
  • KOFDOR assists in writing admission letters to french schools or Universities.
  • Application letters in french to Business Firms/Organisations.
  • KOFDOR assists in writing formal and informal letters in french.